Yun Jin Build Guide

Yun Jin Build Guide | Support (Genshin Impact)

As part of the new Genshin Impact 2.4, here is another character that was introduced to the game along with Shenhe. Yun Jin is a 4-star character that uses the Geo element. If you managed to get Yun Jin, you would want to know her build path. That is why this guide will show you her support build so that you can maximize her strength. With that said, let’s look at the Yun Jin support build.

Since the character is extremely new, there is no specific build. However, after trying out various things, we concluded that the mentioned build works well with her. With that said, let’s dive right in and take a look at the Yun Jin build.

Yun Jin Support Build | Genshin Impact

Yun Jin is primarily a support character with a hint of DPS on the side. While Shenhe buffs Cryo damage, Yun Jin strengthens regular attacks with her Flying Cloud Flag Formation effect. She can also use her Opening Flourish skill to create a stationary shield and charge up before unleashing a powerful Geo attack. After unlocking the True to Oneself ability, you can parry an enemy to use the fully charged version of this skill instantly. 

Best Weapon for Yun Jin

Calamity Queller

Combining her supportive abilities with the Calamity Queller makes her a potent force. Being a polearm user, the best one is the Calamity Queller. This 5-star weapon was introduced in this update as well. After using an elemental skill, all your characters will gain bonus attack damage thanks to this weapon’s passive. This buff can occur even if the weapon bearer is not on the field.

Yun Jin Build Guide

Using the Staff Of Homa can also prove quite effective. It increases your HP by 20% and allows the bearer to deal 0.8% damage of their Max HP. If you get below 50% HP, you will deal an additional 1% of Max HP.

Artifacts for Yun Jin

Yun Jin Build Guide

To make the most of Yun Jin, you will want to equip a complete set of the Husk of Opulent Dreams artifact. Having all four will increase your defense by + 30%. You also gain a buff that is known as the Curiosity effect. If the artifact wielder is on the field, they can get a stack using a Geo attack. The stack can increase after every 0.3 seconds.

However, if they are swapped out, they will automatically gain a stack every 3 seconds. The total number of stacks is 4. Each stack offers 6% DEF and a 6% Geo DMG Bonus. You will lose your stacks one by one if you do not meet the criteria of earning them.

That was the best support build for Yun Jin in Genshin Impact. There are tons of other builds to try, but this one seems to work best right now. Ensure that you activate all the Altars to unlock the newest area and get to Yun Jin.

We would love to know what build you are currently using. Let us know in the comments below if you managed to get Yun Jin yet or not.

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