halo infinite cat ears

You can now wear cat ears in Halo Infinite

Lastly, catboys and catgirls have invaded Halo Infinite. Sure, now you can outfit your Spartan with cat ears in multiplayer and rework your critical Spartan right into a feisty kitty. Transfer over John Halo, we now have Felix, who is far cuter and loves scritches. Hi there mister! Pspspspspsps.

Sadly the privilege of carrying cat ears requires a financial sacrifice. You merely cannot get them with out delving into the in-game retailer and forking over £8/$10 on the Cat Lovers bundle. It consists of the famed cat ears attachment on your helmet, the Tabby cat weapon appeal, a pink armour coating, and a Kat (throwback to Catherine from Halo Attain) helmet weapon appeal.

Everyone knows the reality. We’re right here for the cat ears and every thing else is tat. Possibly not the Tabby cat weapon appeal, although, that is effortlessly cool.

A Tabby cat weapon charm dangling from a pistol in Halo Infinite.
Very keen on this, to be honest.

May I see myself getting a pair of cat ears? Sure, sure I might. They’re in that value bracket which appears moderately priced, ? “Solely eight quid, cracking deal”. I simply can’t query my determination for a second. It wants be made right away, lest I think about what else I might’ve purchased for eight quid (a three-pack of Thug Life Sun shades, or a sea monkeys ocean zoo, or a 12-in-1 multi-tool formed like a shark).

It looks like numerous individuals have taken the plunge and are thriving because of this.

343 completely teased this feline takeover with one in every of their bots. I keep in mind when the sport first launched and somebody on our workforce disconnected, solely to get replaced by a bot outfitted with cat ears known as 343 Meowlnir. Little did we all know what would hit us, eh?

Should you merely could not think about your Spartan self with out cat ears, you then greatest don them rapidly. Infinite’s in-game retailer rotates its choices each Tuesday at 10:00am PST (that is 6:00pm GMT), so they may very effectively disappear like a cat to a cardboard field.

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