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Why 2021 was the worst year for PC gaming

Once we have been naively previewing 2021, nonetheless within the heat afterglow of the spectacular GeForce RTX 3080 and Radeon RX 6800 XT launches, this 12 months seemed prefer it was to be the 12 months of reasonably priced PC gaming {hardware}. A golden 12 months for discount rigs, and one within the eye for the newest consoles. Because it turned out, 2021 was the worst 12 months for PC gaming. Why? As a result of the heartsblood of the passion, the mainstream and funds market, has been summarily executed. 

PC gaming means various things to completely different folks, and that alone performs into what’s so good in regards to the passion, and why no different platform can match it. On the one hand you will have the, admittedly generally elitist, early adopters with money to burn; those that will drop a grand on a brand new part as quickly because it’s launched merely to allow them to lay declare to having the newest and biggest rig recognized to humankind.

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