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Which is Best for Solar Power

Lead-acid batteries are inexpensive up entrance, however they’ve a shorter lifespan and have to be maintained frequently to remain in good working order. Lithium batteries are pricier up entrance, however they don’t must be maintained and have an extended lifespan. A side-by-side comparability of two options is supplied on this article.

Lead-acid is a tried-and-true expertise that’s inexpensive however requires frequent upkeep and doesn’t final so long as different applied sciences.

Lithium is a premium battery expertise that has an extended lifespan and better effectivity, however it comes at the next Lithium-Ion Battery Worth in India.

Let’s take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of every selection in better depth, and why you would choose one over the opposite in your system.

The Most Vital Variations Between Lead-acid and Lithium Batteries

The length of a cycle

One cost cycle is whenever you deplete a battery (use it to energy your home equipment) after which cost it once more with photo voltaic panels. We don’t depend years after we discuss battery life; as a substitute, we depend what number of cycles they’ll take earlier than they die.

Take into account it just like placing miles on a automotive. When figuring out the situation of a secondhand vehicle, mileage is way extra vital than the 12 months of manufacture.

The identical could also be stated about batteries and what number of occasions they’ve been cycled. A sealed lead-acid battery in a trip home might undergo 100 cycles in 4 years, however the identical battery in a full-time residence might undergo 300+ cycles in a 12 months. The one which has accomplished 100 cycles is in significantly higher situation.

The depth of discharge impacts cycle life as effectively (how a lot capability you utilize earlier than recharging a battery). Deeper discharges put the battery below extra stress, decreasing its cycle life.

The Discharge Depth

Lead-acid batteries ought to solely be discharged to 50% of their capability. You danger shortening their lives for those who go over that restrict.

Lithium batteries, alternatively, can face up to extreme discharges of as much as 80%. This simply signifies that they’ve a bigger helpful capability.


Lithium batteries are extra environment friendly than different kinds of batteries. Consequently, extra of your photo voltaic vitality is retained and utilized.

Lead acid batteries, for instance, are solely 80-85% environment friendly relying on the model and situation. That suggests that you probably have 1,000 watts of solar energy streaming into the batteries, after the charging and discharging course of, you’ll solely have 800-850 watts accessible.

Lithium batteries have a excessive effectivity of over 95%. You’d have over 950 watts of electrical energy accessible in the identical state of affairs.

Your batteries will cost sooner if they’re extra environment friendly. It might additionally imply buying fewer photo voltaic panels, much less battery capability, and a smaller backup generator, relying on the structure of your system.

Lithium-Ion Battery Worth

Loom Photo voltaic says, Prices of lithium batteries have already dropped by 60-70 p.c in recent times, and this pattern is projected to proceed as massive investments, improved expertise, and procedures are made. China is anticipated to fabricate over 73 p.c of all lithium battery storage, and the Center Kingdom has ambitions to construct a number of multi-gigawatt factories sooner or later.

A Lithium-Ion battery value in India is measured in kWh. In the intervening time, a 1 kWh battery prices 25,000 and is accessible in 80 Ah/12.8 Volt scores.


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