What is the best reticle color in Apex Legends?

Thanks to video games giving players a lot more opportunities to customize the experience to their wants and needs, many features that used to be locked are now changeable. In Apex Legends, you have the chance to change up your reticle to find something that works for you better. Here is our recommendation for reticle color in Apex Legends.

Before we begin, remember that everyone’s eyes work differently. Luckily, while choosing the color of your reticle, you can adjust the color sliders and see how the color you currently have compares to various backgrounds. We recommend playing with this to find something that sticks out from the background. If it blends in for you, you will have a harder time hitting shots.

To change your color, open up Settings while in the lobby and scroll down in the Gameplay section. Right before the Accessibility section will be Reticle, click Customize.

While choosing your color, either change the slider or input three values to the right. For us, we like the purple tone of 189, 79, 255.

apex legends reticle
Screenshot by Gamepur

Additionally, the pink recommended color on the right is another great choice that sticks out well. Staying in the pink or purple area will probably be the most transferable between modes and maps. Colors we recommend staying away from are yellow, brown, green, and light blue.

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