Top 5 teams to look out for in the Free Fire Pro League India Summer 2021

Top 5 teams to look out for in the Free Fire Pro League India Summer 2021
Top 5 teams to look out for in the Free Fire Pro League India Summer 2021

Top 5 teams to look out for in the FFPL 2021 India Summer 2021: The Free Fire World Series Singapore which concluded with a record-breaking success, established Garena’s Battle Royale game as the most popular Esports title in the whole world. Overtaking League of Legends, the explosive grand finale of FFWS 2021 recorded 5.4 Million Peak viewers. However, due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, the Indian teams missed out on all the actions. Now, to make up for that loss, Garena has introduced the Free Fire Pro League where 18 best teams from India & Nepal will lock horns to delight their fans with non-stop Free Fire action.

A total of 18 teams have been selected for the Free Fire Pro League where the top 12 teams from Free Fire India Championship 2021 got a direct invite to this tournament. The other 6 teams were selected via the FFC (Free Fire Cup) qualifiers. Spread across three different groups, these 18 teams will fight it out in a span of six matchdays. Matches will take place every Saturday & Sunday from where only the top 12 teams will qualify for the showdown on 18th July.

Although every single team has proven their worth brilliantly so far, here are the top 5 picks for the Free Fire Pro League.

Free Fire Pro League starts, watch out for these Top 5 teams from India & Nepal.

Galaxy Racer: It is safe to say that Galaxy Racer has been one of the top-performing teams from India. Considering the team not only won the title of Free Fire India Championship 2021, this roster was champions of the previous edition (FFIC 2020) as well when they used to play under the banner of Total Gaming. Hailing with their overwhelming performance in the regional tournaments, Galaxy Racers got a direct invite to the Free Fire World Series 2021 Singapore. However, it was heartbreaking for the fans when GXR was delisted from the tournament due to travel restrictions & eventually lost their chance to shine at the global stage. That said, the defending FFIC Champions are back to add another feather to their cap by winning the Free Fire Pro League. With a seasoned captain like VasiyoCRJ onboard, we are likely to see Galaxy Racer at the top of their game in the Free Fire Pro League.

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Team Elite: One of the finest teams who will be a tough competition for any experienced roster, Team Elite is hungry for a championship title. The runner-ups of both the ‘Booyah Streamer Royale’ & ‘Free Fire Tri Series’ had also qualified for the play-ins of FFWS 2021 Singapore. This time, the team is all set to hit the bull’s eye & own a championship title once & for all. Having a fragger like Pahadi on the team, who was also the MVP in the Free Fire Tri Series, makes Team Elite a force to reckon with in the Free Fire Pro League.

Sixth Sense: While this team did not manage to land a single booyah in the Free Fire Tri Series Finals, their allround performance & consistency secured them the top spot in the points table. It was surprising to see Sixth Sense overtaking all the other teams from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh at the end of the day without even winning a single match. MRJAY from Sixth Sense scored 48 kills and dealt total damage of 27492 in the finals. The unparalleled consistency of Sixth Sense surely makes them one of the top contenders of Free Fire Pro League. A fourth place finish in the FFIC 2021 is one of the other commendable performances from the team.

Team Sixth Sense
Team Sixth Sense


Team Chaos: Team Chaos started this year with the runner-up title of Free Fire Titan Invitational Clash Squad. They managed a 4th position at the Snapdragon Conquest Free Fire Open Season 1. Their awe-inspiring performance in the Free Fire India Championship 2021 brought them quite close to the championship title but managed to secure second place nonetheless. Techkk1M secured the highest kill in the finals of FFIC 2021 and became the MVP of the finals. The team missed their chance at the FFWS 2021 Singapore Grand-Finals for 2 points. Team Chaos is hungry for blood as this time they won’t settle for anything but the winner’s trophy.


4 Unknown: 4 Unknown kicked-off this year with a bang. They won the trophy of Free Fire Titan Invitational Battle Royale. Within a month, they owned another championship title at the Snapdragon Conquest Free Fire Open Season 1. On 20th Feb 2021, 4 Unknown refused to participate in FFIC 2021 Spring’s dry-run. As this was a breach of the tournament rules, 4 Unknown got punished & were disqualified from the tournament. Nevertheless, 4 Unknown managed to qualify for the Free Fire Pro League through the FFC Qualifiers. The battle-hardened team is all set to give all the other competitors a run for their money at the Free Fire Pro League.

Team 4 Unknown
Team 4 Unknown


FFWS 2021: Honorable Mentions –  Last Breath, LVL-ICONIC, OP Boys & Godlike are some of the honorable mentions from my side as these teams have what it takes to raise the bar to the limit. While all the participants are equally worthy of the title, the temperament of each team will make all the difference in the end. May the best team win & delight us with their mind-blowing performances.

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