The mind afflicted with meditation gives the pains of hell … The mind afflicted with meditation gives the happiness of salvation …

– Tribute to Amrit – Acharya Vijayarajaratnasuri

Each common human being like us has three particular powers: Manashakti, Vachanshakti and Kayashakti. If we discuss within the terminology of Jain Shastras, those that have the extent of the noun Panchendriya have these three powers to a lesser extent. Along with human beings like us, these noun 5 senses additionally embody animals, birds, and so on.

Probably the most highly effective of those three powers – ‘highly effective’ energy, if any, is the thoughts energy. Allow us to perceive this with a easy instance. Suppose you could have a shotgun in your hand and also you strike the Sami man together with his hand. Then the ability of the bullet shall be just one stone, no more. Now suppose you fireplace the identical bullet at a Sami individual from the ‘Level Clean Vary’. The bullet will then change into extraordinarily sharp and might penetrate a Sami individual’s physique and even trigger demise. The bullet is similar, however the purpose for the distinction within the result’s the overwhelming ‘drive’ of the gun!

Merely, the overwhelming ‘drive’ of this gun is the power of the thoughts. Whether or not the exercise is auspicious or inauspicious, but when there’s an absence of thoughts in it, then the power of that auspicious exercise turns into very restricted. Quite the opposite, if the attachment of the thoughts to the auspicious exercise could be very intense, then its power additionally turns into very intense. To understand this we quote right here an outline of the Jain scriptures. It says that if ignorant (senseless) beings sin as a lot as doable on the stage of the physique, in consequence they are going to be punished solely as much as the primary hell, no more. When those that are acutely aware beings commit sins with intense focus of the thoughts, they get the punishment of the seventh hell! What does this present? The ability of the thoughts is unimaginable. The identical factor is to be understood within the subject of auspiciousness that auspicious exercise solely on the stage of the physique provides restricted success with out the concomitant thoughts. Whereas the extraordinary contemplative auspicious exercise of the thoughts provides unimaginable monumental success. When that is the fact, the purpose of the devotee within the sense of self-welfare must be that the thoughts joins within the auspicious and doesn’t get entangled within the inauspicious by mistake.

However … persistence! Thoughts video games are very completely different. It’s a ploy to place the nice yogis in a quandary by obeying that it is able to stay steadfast in good or keep away from unhealthy in keeping with our reduction. That’s the reason even a Mahayogi like Mr. Ananddhanji Maharaj has written for the thoughts that: –

The place to do The thoughts doesn’t stay nonetheless,

Right here is my thoughts … Right here is my thoughts …

All of us usually undergo the expertise that the physique is engaged in Dharma-Shubha and the thoughts wanders someplace in worldly affairs. Have you learnt that humorous parable that displays our state?

Probably the most prestigious Shrestha of the city got here there within the morning to satisfy his friends Shrestha. Seth was then worshiping the Lord contained in the temple. The daughter-in-law within the outer room welcomed the newcomer Shrestha and mentioned in a loud voice: “Sit down, Sasaraji has gone to some place to gather the gathering. Can be again in a short while. ” The newcomer questioned if the gathering was so early within the morning? The place talked about by the daughter-in-law was one the place high-ranking individuals wouldn’t go quickly. On this aspect, Manoman was shocked to listen to this unusual factor of Seth’s daughter-in-law who was performing pooja.

After the pooja, he got here to the outer room within the pooja garments, counting the revelations. The newcomer Shrestha checked out his daughter-in-law and requested in amazement: “The place did this assortment come from?” This has come from the temple. “The daughter-in-law made a pointy sarcasm:” Worship Sasaraji or did I say her thoughts on the time of worship? Whereas getting ready for the puja, I’ve heard the phrases from his mouth that after the puja, one has to go straight to the gathering. I’ve 100% assumption that his thoughts shall be enjoying with the identical ideas even throughout worship. ” Sasaraji overtly confessed that he was enjoying with the identical ideas …

Sure, the unusual attribute of the thoughts is that if the physique is engaged in auspiciousness, then it turns into arbitrary and wanders wherever. It’s troublesome to maintain it steady in good, it’s troublesome to forestall it from unhealthy. Within the midst of this actuality, the creator of ‘Adhyatmakalpadrum’ comes up with an in depth contemplation of the thoughts in its ninth proper. In seventeen verses they’ve made many fascinating representations in regards to the thoughts. Even whether it is troublesome to manage the thoughts, one should continually try to manage it. Explaining the precise purpose for this, the creator states the third verse of the Adhikar as follows: –

Swargapvargau narak tathanta – rmuhurtamatren vasavasham yat;

Dadati janto: fixed effort, vasham tadantakaran kurushya.

On this verse, he says that if the thoughts is managed and immersed in Dharmadhyana-Shukladhyana, then in a single final second (in lower than 2 minutes) it might probably create the position of figuring out heaven and salvation. Quite the opposite, if the identical thoughts turns into uncontrollable and immersed in Aartadhyana-Rauddhyana, it might probably additionally create the position of fixing the seventh hell in an intimate second! The very best peak of upliftment and the deepest valley of decline: Prasannachandra Rajarshi involves thoughts if one needs to see the reflection within the lifetime of a single seeker of this peculiar capacity of the thoughts to make the journey of each solely within the intimate second.

This Rajarshi, which befell within the time of Lord Mahavirdev, was preceded by the Rajvi of Potanpur. Because of the contagion of the Lord, he grew to become so aloof that he put in Dikshit on the throne and have become Dikshit. He was relieved that devoted ministers had taken over the reins of presidency. After initiation, he grew to become engrossed within the pursuit of self-sufficiency.

As a rigorous enterprise of the identical sadhana, they as soon as began kayotsarga sadhana exterior Rajgruhinagar. In it, they stood on one foot and stretched out their arms, basking within the solar. If the physique was thus instrumental, the thoughts was immersed in auspicious meditation. Instantly, there was a disturbance within the calm water.

It so occurred that Emperor Shreenik rode from the identical highway to hearken to Lord Mahavirdev’s Dharmadesh. Shreenik Manoman bowed to Mahavairagi. However considered one of his troopers mentioned in contempt to the opposite soldier: “His son Balaraja is in hassle now. Enemies have invaded his kingdom, ministers have exploded and are on the verge of imprisonment. ” These phrases fell on Prasanna Chandra Rajarshi’s ears and his thoughts wandered in the other way.

The physique remained calm, however the thoughts abruptly reached the battlefield. Thoughts to avoid wasting the son: Within the battle of creativeness, he went on to get rid of one enemy after one other – Futel ministers. Just one enemy survived, and when the weapon was exhausted, he put his hand on the pinnacle to throw the iron helmet over it. Then I noticed that I’m a laborer. What a horrible nightmare I did on this psychological battle. He repented and immersed himself within the stream of fantastic Dharma-Shukladhyana.

When he was killing the enemy in a psychological battle, the emperor requested Lord Mahavirdev, “Lord, what pace would Prasannachandramunivar go if he dies at this second?” The Lord replied: “Go to the seventh hell.” The entire meeting was shocked, together with from this north, or the seventh hell for such instrumental labor? There was the sound of Devdundubhi. The collection requested: “Bhante! Why did this Devdundubhi ring? ”The Lord mentioned:“ Prasannachandrarajarshi has solely attained enlightenment. ”Shreenik and Sabha have been shocked.

As a result of solely information is out there to those that go to Moksha on the finish of that Bhavana. Mahavira Prabhu described Prasannachandra Munivar’s Durdhyana and Shubh Dhyana from the world and mentioned: However as quickly as he grew to become absorbed in Dharma-Shukla meditation, all his deeds have been completed away with? We’ll hold enthusiastic about the methods to manage that thoughts within the subsequent article. Now keep in mind this saying that “the distressed thoughts provides the pains of hell … the great thoughts provides the happiness of salvation in good meditation.”

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