The form of God in Doha of Saint Shri Kabir ….

Many divine souls have been born on this sacred land of India for ages. His final objective was to know God and the world he created.

One such nice saint Shri Kabir Dasji handed away in Kashi just a few years in the past. He didn’t attend any main college in his youth. However they composed lovely, good hymns and dohas in folks model solely from the internal consciousness. By which he imparted the data of faith and spirituality to the individuals. Kabirji’s specialty was easy, simple folks language, correct phrases and points bearing on on a regular basis life. All of this made it simpler for individuals to know the mysteries of faith and spirituality. Many centuries have handed, even at this time Doha composed by Saint Kabirji may be very fashionable.

Kabirji has offered a singular type of God in his Doha, in response to him, ‘Ppand, Brahmand, Dadi je kathiye, says Kabir Sai.

That’s, Om just isn’t Paramatma Nirguna or not Saguna – Paramatma just isn’t a pind type or not is cosmic. God is one thing particular from all this. There’s extra to it than that. Kabirdasji additional says, no matter is definitely there’s Harij. No matter Hari made her really feel, every little thing got here into it. Anybody who has such an expertise can have nothing to say. It should descend into deep silence. In such a ‘dense vacancy’, God could also be gifted.

‘Dumb mango authorities, ditch and smile.’

It’s as if the dumb man ate sugar, however what does he say? He was glad to eat sugar. How can a dumb individual describe the candy style of sugar? The identical is true of the final word realization of God, which can’t be described in phrases.

‘Nati sarup varan nahi jake,

Falling down.

Right here Kabir Saheb states that the world ends in type and form. The boundaries of this world are restricted to the outer masking solely. The dominion of God begins the place the realm of the world ends.

As a result of God has no particular type or form. Phrases or letters are the language of this world. God is formless, how can He be described in phrases?

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