The best relationship with the Lord is ‘slavery’

– Could the reminiscence of the Beloved God all the time be alive. God is my grasp. I’m his servant. With such a novel value relationship we will bind God

The purpose of a honest devotee is to expertise the Supreme Being or the omnipresent type of love. It is rather crucial that because the devotee turns into indifferent from the attachment and love of the world and strikes nearer to God, the inside journey turns into for the sake of goodness.

The query is the right way to go to the Lord? Saints-Mahatma-Devotees-Gnani males have proved from expertise that – calm, slavery, friendship, affection, sweetness. From these 5 varieties of relationship, the devotee can determine his personal curiosity and join with God.

Now let’s ask ourselves if we, who’ve been calling ourselves spiritual for years, have faithfully joined one of many relationships talked about above, proper? Our worldly relations are like glass. Our relationship with God provides us eternal peace and happiness.

The Gopis, Mira, Narasimha, Hanumanji, Bharatji, Lakshmanji, Dhruve, Prahlade and lots of different devotees have constructed wonderful relationships with the Lord, offering wonderful examples of religion, love, devotion, full give up and readiness.

One of the best relationship is slavery. The remaining 4 costs are additionally included. Lord love rises from the value of slavery. Through which infatuation, maya, glass, sufferer and lusts haven’t any place.

In love with the Lord there may be oblivion of topics. Could the reminiscence of the Beloved God all the time be alive. God is my grasp. I’m his servant. With such a novel value relationship we will bind God.

The intimacy with God in relation to ‘slavery’ is rising stronger and stronger, utterly immersed in God. The devotee has no separate existence.

The devotee first says to the Lord. ‘ Mein terahu ‘then slowly progress’ mera sabkuch tera hai .. says and on the fruits of the value realizes, sarvame tu hello hai .. sab tera hai .. on this value God turns into ours and we grow to be his.

The cat picks up its cubs by mouth and strikes them from one place to a different. Cubs have plenty of confidence. The cubs haven’t any worry. Cubs reside fortunately wherever the cat lays. The cubs are left on the cat.

That is the sort of relationship (full give up) of a devotee with God and the idea that ‘no matter God does, it’s for my profit.’ As a result of spirit of slavery, devotees say, ‘Oh God! It’s one of the best he’s ever achieved for me. That’s my welfare. Many instances our unhealthy mind tries to divert us from the fitting path. However allow us to watch out, allow us to be steadfast in our dedication.

Give up to God alone. The identical is straightforward. Give up to God alone is useful in each manner. ‘Om bhayam sarvabhuteshu’ makes fearless in all methods. Fulfilling worldly duties with devotion, connecting with God with thoughts, mind, complete thought, physique, seeing the infinite grace of God. Stay calm, contented, glad, blissful in each state of affairs.

Within the Valmiki Ramayana the Lord says, ‘The human being I’m yours. (Tawasmiti) is obtainable to me with such a pure value. I name it Nirbhaya (Abhayam Sarvabhuteshu). That is my vow. ‘ God is a lover. The devotee is beloved. Almighty God Sarvlok Maheshwar, Sarvaniyanta Sarvantaryami, Anantagunasagar, the Most Gracious Lord is the buddy of beings. We’re the benefactors.

– Labhubhai R. Pandya

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