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Surreal visual novel ‘milk inside a bag of milk’ has a sequel now: ‘milk outside a bag of milk’

One of many stranger visible novels I’ve ever loved, Milk inside a bag of milk inside a bag of milk launched on Steam in August of 2020 and gave an affecting and melancholy look inside an individual’s head. It is a bizarre and considerably upsetting recreation that switches backwards and forwards between taking part in with intelligent phrases and delivering insights into moments of acute psychological trauma. 

Milk inside could be very brief and has traditionally offered for a few greenback. It is one of many few video games I would name considerably literary, in that it is the product of a single individual, writer-designer-programmer Nikita Kryukov. Nicely, now Kryukov has made a sequel—one which’s for much longer and sells for 9 {dollars} relatively than one.

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