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Square Enix president knows people who ‘play to have fun’ dislike NFTs, but he wants them anyway


In a wide-ranging New Yr’s open letter, Sq. Enix president Yosuke Matsuda has addressed a broad spectrum of applied sciences from the “metaverse” to cloud gameplay and AI, however the majority of the letter focuses on a private enthusiasm for blockchain tokens. Whereas Matsuda doesn’t explicitly say that Sq. Enix will put NFTs in any particular recreation, he does say that the corporate is preserving a detailed eye on the know-how and can “ramp up our efforts to develop a enterprise accordingly, with a watch to probably issuing our personal tokens sooner or later.”

Most notably, Matsuda acknowledges that a number of folks don’t like the concept of tiny, persistent microtransactions changing into a elementary a part of their video games. “I notice that some individuals who ‘play to have enjoyable’ and who presently type nearly all of gamers have voiced their reservations towards these new tendencies, and understandably so,” he writes.

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