rust submarine going deep

Rust now has sharks and submarines to shoot them with

rust submarine going deep

Every major update to Rust has me questioning whether or not I actually know what kind of game Rust is. It’s the survival one, yeah? The one where you start out naked and bash other folks with rocks, right? Perhaps it is, but now it’s also the one where you can buy a functional submarine, slay sharks, and visit underwater lairs. If that’s too adventurous, you could just hunt smaller prey with a fishing rod too. Rust’s underwater update Going Deep has now launched and there’s all sorts of other maritime playtime to tackle.

Fishing and shark battling is certainly one new kind of survival, but Rust’s Going Deep update also adds procedural underwater dungeons to explore and submarines to get there in. You can spot all of it down here in the new update trailer:

It all sounds rather involved, honestly. A far cry from bashing enemies with stone tools, these underwater labs have CCTV cameras and PA systems for you to scout out their hallways and give directions to your pals. There are mess halls where you can take a break to cook and play poker before you get back to the business of gunfights with baddies. Beyond just enemies, you’ll have puzzles to work through too, Facepunch say.

Fishing villages now sell submarines as well, and I get the feeling they aren’t checking your boating license before handing you the keys. The new vehicles are also equipped with sonar and torpedos in case you encounter trouble on your way to an underwater base. That includes surface torpedos, which I suspect means that those fishing villages should perhaps be more discerning about who they sell underwater armaments to.

You can catch the full changelog in Facepunch’s post, including important details on submarine upkeep. One update that folks seem to be enjoying the convenience of is attaching small signs to deployables. Who doesn’t love a well-labeled base?

We still rate Rust as one of the best survival games out there. It may be a bit intimidating when you first start out, but it does now have a softcore mode as of this year.

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