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PUBG Battlegrounds getting drones, tactical gear with free-to-play update

Pubg: Battlegrounds will soon transition to the free-to-play category. This will automatically increase the number of players, introducing much-needed diversity across ranks as well as less dependence on bots. The Pubg Battlegrounds update will also bring more elements to make the battle royale game more modern and interesting. Krafton has announced that they will be launching new tactical gear across maps. Also Read – PUBG New State new map in pictures: Check details

The Pubg: Battlegrounds update 15.2 will introduce a host of new tactical gear to enhance gameplay. The new category of tactical items will be named Tactical Gear. This will allow players to not depend completely on gunplay. Players with a varied skillset will be able to win using the new gear. Also Read – BGMI update: Krafton will ban devices of cheaters, check full details

Tactical Gear will be taking up players’ primary weapon slots. This will force gamers to develop their gameplay and long-term strategy in a certain way. Also Read – This Indian dating app just scored funding from Krafton: Will BGMI help you score dates now?

One of the biggest changes in gameplay is expected to come from the introduction of drones. The Drone is a Tactical Gear that allows players to scout a far distance safely and even pick up an item without having to risk direct combat.

Krafton has announced that drones will spawn in every map. They will be available in Normal Matches, Custom Games, Training Mode, and Sandbox Mode.

How to use the drone

-Once players loot and equip the drone, they can hold the Drone Tablet in their hands.
-Players can then toggle in and out of Drone View.
-The Drone will launch into the air once players toggle into Drone View.

Disadvantages of using a drone

-A Drone in flight will make noise and have a distinctive blinking light.
-A deployed Drone will be identifiable by a unique drone icon both on the map and minimap.
-In Drone View, players’ characters will stop moving and give up control of their body as they fly around in the perspective of the Drone.
-If players toggle out of Drone View, the Drone will remain hovering in its current position.

How to recall a drone

-Players can recall a Drone in flight.
-When a recall is initiated, the Drone will attempt to fly back in a straight line to the spot the player recalled it.
-The Drone will fly back to the location the player first recalled it.
-When the recall is in progress, the recall will be stopped if the player attempts to use the Drone Tablet.
-When the recall is in progress, the recall will be stopped if the player uses the recall feature again.

Other features of the Drone

-The Drone has an operating radius of 300m that players must stay in while flying the Drone.
-The Drone alerts players with a warning message and a static screen when it’s within 90m of its maximum operation radius.
-If the Drone leaves its operation radius, it will get destroyed and players will need to retrieve it and repair the Drone to use it again.
-The Drone has a maximum HP of 35 and can take damage from various things.
-A Drone can loot a single item to its single inventory slot.
-Drones can not pick up items from Care Packages, deathboxes, and trunks.
-Players in Drone View are also able to drop the held item any time.
-Players can receive the Drone’s held item by recalling the Drone.
-Players will be able to ping normally while toggled in Drone View.
-The ping icon will be displayed as a regular ping.

The free-to-play update will go live on January 12 and Krafton has announced that during the 15.2 update the Live Server will go under maintenance at the same time on both PC and Console.

After the transition free-to-play, Battlegrounds Plus account is added. All players who have owned and played PUBG: Battlegrounds before the free-to-play service transition will automatically receive the Pubg– Special Commemorative Pack.

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