Partial relief in Gujarat: Less than 12,000 cases reported after 18 days, remember Corona is not gone yet

Final Up to date on Could 9, 2021 by Pravin Makwana

The decline in corona circumstances in Gujarat has continued for the fourth day in a row. Within the final three hours, 11.2 new circumstances have been reported whereas 114 deaths have been reported. On the identical time, after 15 days in Ahmedabad, the variety of every day circumstances of corona has come right down to lower than 15,000. The entire variety of circumstances of corona within the state is 2,8,8 whereas the whole loss of life toll is 2,6. Within the final 3 hours, 12.5 extra sufferers have recovered and the restoration fee has now elevated to 7.5%.


Over the last 3 hours, 3 new circumstances have come up in Ahmedabad metropolis with 3 in 3 villages. In Ahmedabad, the whole variety of corona circumstances has now crossed 3 lakh whereas there are 21.3 energetic circumstances. In Surat metropolis, 114 new circumstances have provide you with 8 in 8-villages whereas in Vadodara metropolis, 114 new circumstances have provide you with 8 in 410-villages. The entire variety of circumstances of corona is now 1,2,618 in Surat and a pair of.3 in Vadodara. Elsewhere within the final 3 hours the place extra circumstances have been reported, Rajkot with 4, Jamnagar with 4, Mehsana with 4, Junagadh with 202, Bhavnagar with 6, Gandhinagar with 6, Banaskantha with 20, Panchmahal with 21, Gir Somnath with 6, Kutch with 12, Dahod with 12, Anand with 12, Mahisagar with 12, Aravalli with 181 are primarily included.

Through which district of Gujarat extra circumstances of corona deaths in final 8 hours?

District Case Dying Lively Case

Ahmedabad 8,9 12 21,3

Surat 1,15 12 12,3

Vadodara 1,15 13,2

Rajkot ૬૮૬ 19 2,50

Jamnagar ૬૪૬ 14,2

Mehsana ૩ 04,213

Junagadh 303 10 2.30

Bhavnagar ૩૭૯ 12 ૫ 1,15

Gandhinagar ૨ 02 8,105

Banaskantha 30 01 1,15


Within the final 4 hours, 12 from Ahmedabad, 17 from Jamnagar, 12 from Surat-Vadodara-Rajkot-Bhavnagar, 10 from Junagadh and eight from Kutch have died from a complete of 114 corona from throughout the state. The entire loss of life toll from Corona is now 202 in Ahmedabad, 1810 in Surat, 214 in Vadodara, 21 in Rajkot, 4 in Jamnagar and 13 in Gandhinagar. Within the final 3 hours, 4 sufferers from Ahmedabad, 21 from Surat, 3 from Vadodara, 3 from Jamnagar, 3 from Bhavnagar and three from Rajkot have misplaced corona. To date in Gujarat, 4,13,6 individuals have recovered from corona. The entire variety of Corona Exams in Gujarat with 1,5,06 Exams is 1.50 crore. At current, 2,4,8 individuals are beneath quarantine within the state.


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