monster hunter rise pc save files location

Monster Hunter Rise PC Save File Location

Making its way to PC, Monster Hunter Rise promises to be filled with action and glory harnessing the complete power of a high-spec machine ensuring great visuals and an immersive experience. With that said, finding the save file location of Monster Hunter Rise can prove to be quite difficult, that’s why we have it for you down below.

Knowing the save file location of the game can prove to be wildly important especially if you wish to back them up or transfer your progress from one Steam account to the other. They’re also needed if you want to get a 100% complete PC save game file for Monster Hunter Rise too. If you are suffering from performance issues, chances are that your save game file might get corrupted along the way.

Where is Monster Hunter Rise PC Save File Location?

Since Monster Hunter Rise uses Steam Cloud Saves just like its predecessors, you won’t be able to find the save file in the usual My Documents folder or App Data. Instead, they are located right in your Steam Library with the game’s App ID as its unique identifier.

Here is the save file location for Monster Hunter Rise:


While there aren’t any 100% completed save files for Monster Hunter Rise as of yet (we’ll update this space as soon as they are), all you need to do to backup / replace your saves is copy the root folder from the directory mentioned above and you should be good to go.

Did you have any trouble in finding the save file location? let us know in the comments section down below.

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