Ken Levine confirms he’s “not involved” with the next BioShock “at all”

We’ve known that a new BioShock game has been in the works for a few years now, under the direction of developer Cloud Chamber. Meanwhile, BioShock creator Ken Levine has been working on different projects with his own studio, Ghost Story Games. According to Levine, he has zero overlap between the two.

In an interview on the Arcade Attack Podcast (around the 49-minute mark), Levine makes his involvement with BioShock 4 clear — he has none. “[It’s the] same as BioShock 2,” he says. “I’m not involved with it at all. I don’t do half measures. So I wish them the best. I know as much about the as anybody else.” So he has no say in the game’s development, and he knows everything we know about BioShock 4 and nothing more.

Levine’s work at Ghost Story seems to be eating up all his time, and considering the studio’s first project has reportedly been in development hell since 2014, that unfortunately does add up. Criticisms of Levine’s leadership style and how his vision has clashed with the rest of the team have been voiced by various Ghost Story employees, past and present. The report doesn’t paint a pretty picture.

Meanwhile, BioShock 4 is under the direction of series veterans Hoagy de la Plante, Jonathan Pelling, and Scott Sinclair. While we haven’t heard anything about their project in some time, no news is certainly better than bad news about development hell.

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