Genshin Impact Kabayama sitting stones lanterns puzzle locations

Kabayama sitting stones and lanterns locations

The area of Enkanomiya is stuffed with many secrets and techniques. One in every of these occurs to be the specter of Kabayama. He’ll give you a activity that doesn’t even seem in your quest tab. Right here’s our Genshin Influence information that will help you with the Kabayama sitting stones and lantern places.

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Genshin Influence Kabayama sitting stones and lanterns information

First, be sure that Evernight is lively since that is the one time that shades might be seen in Enkanomiya. Subsequent, select the japanese quick journey level in Dainichi Mikoshi and have a look at the northeastern face of the shrine’s partitions. You must see a gap there (i.e., there’s a locked chest surrounded by a number of Hydro totems in the event you want a landmark).

Move via the opening and go to the tip of the hall to discover a darkish gray stone. Press “F” to take a seat on it, inflicting the specter of Kabayama to look. He tells you that there are three different similar-looking spots in Enkanomiya.

This activity gained’t even seem as a sidequest, however that’s positive. All proper, let’s go forward and search for the Kabayama sitting stones and lanterns in Genshin Influence.

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The Narrows

This Kabayama sitting stone is northwest of the central quick journey level. You’ll see it on the prime of the hill’s slope.

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Evernight Temple

Use the central quick journey level and glide southwest. Throughout the hole, you’ll see a tree with a lantern. The stone slab is beneath that. You would possibly have to remove the close by Abyss Mages simply so you might work together with these objects.

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The Serpent’s Coronary heart

Merely use the central teleporter and look north. The Kabayama stone slab and lantern are subsequent to it.

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When you’ve discovered all three — ensuring that Paimon has commented whilst you had been at every location — then Paimon may also let you know to return to Kabayama. He’ll ask you a few questions earlier than departing.

This can trigger a Treasured Chest to spawn. Likewise, you’ll unlock the What Distinction Does This Make achievement in Genshin Influence.

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