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God of War PC has just been released by Santa Monica Studios and we have the entire list of PC settings including graphics, gameplay, HUD, and audio right here for you. While the game has had a stable start, players are suffering from a few issues here and there such as the Not Enough Memory issue.

With that said, you might need access to the save file locations if you are going to back your files up or you can take a look at the settings down below to find default options for each category.

All PC Settings In God Of War PC

You can find all the settings for God of War PC down below. The images and settings shown down below are Default. However, you can change them according to what you see fit.

If you wanted to look at the default controls for the PC version of God of War, you can find them here! God Of War PC Controls for Keyboard, Controller, Mouse


Gameplay settings mainly consist of general gameplay and difficulty settings. You should try adjusting your difficulty in this particular category.

God of War PC Gameplay Settings
Name Setting
Difficulty Give Me A Balanced Experience
Controller Vibration 10
Interact / Evade Default
Combat Default
Quick Turn Default
Lock-On Camera On
Tutorial Mode All
Pause On Focus Loss On
Allow Data Collection On


The HUD (Heads Up Display) controls how your UI looks like while you play the game. Not a lot of changes are needed for this section.

God of War PC HUD Settings
Name Setting
Wide HUD On
HUD Mode Custom
Compass On
Enemy Health Bars On
Boss Health Bars On
Enemy Off-Screen Indicators On
Combat HUD On
Gameplay Notifications On


The Camera, in third person mode, features a few adjustments that you can make especially when it comes to turning aim assist on and off.

God of War PC Camera Settings
Name Setting
Horizontal Rotation Speed 5
Vertical Rotation Speed 5
Mouse Rotation Speed 5
Mouse Vertical Speed 5
Invert Horizontal Control Off
Invert Vertical Control Off
Ambient Camera Sway 10
Camera Shake 10
Horizontal Rotation Speed 5
Vertical Rotation Speed 5
Mouse Aim Horizontal Speed 5
Mouse Aim Vertical Speed 5
Aim Assist On
Recentre Camera On Attack On
Strafe Assist On


As apparent, the audio settings control the way you listen to your game. We suggest turning headphone mode on if you use headphones as it helps in adding to the immersion.

God of War PC Audio Settings
Name Setting
Music Volume 100
Dialogue Volume 100
SFX Volume 100
Sound In Background On
Subtitles On
Headphone Mode (Stereo Only) Off


The Display Settings should generally be kept to their default value. However, we recommend changing the FPS limit to your monitor’s refresh rate.

God of War PC Display Settings
Name Setting
Monitor 1
Display Mode Borderless
Output Resolution User Specific
Render Resolution User Specific
Aspect Ratio Auto
V-Sync Off
FPS Limit User Specific
Motion Blur 10
Film Grain 3
DLSS Not Supported
FidelityFX Super Resolution Off
Render Scale 100%


Quite apparent. Graphics options change the visual fidelity and appearance of the game.

God of War PC Graphics Settings

Not sure of the best graphics settings for God of War PC? Don’t worry, we have them for you right here.

Name Setting
Texture Quality Original
Model Quality Original
Anisotropic Filter Original
Shadows Original
Reflections Original
Ambient Occlusion Original


If you are in the mood for keeping subtitles on, accessibility settings are where you need to go. You can also increase the text size of UI elements as well.

God of War PC Accessibility Settiings
Name Setting
Repeated Button Presses Tap
Chisel Doors Precision
Reticle When Aiming
Sprint Press Shift
Auto Sprint Off
Auto Sprint Delay 0.00s
Stun Grab Press MMB
Rage Mode Press Shift + MMB
Subtitle Background None
Subtitle Speaker On
Ambient Camera Sway 10
Camera Shake 10
Text Size Increase 0.0

That finishes up all the settings currently available in God of War for PC! Did you like the default controls or were you going to change them? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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