How to win Pan Street Fighter, Ryu Avatar, other rewards for free

Free Fire collaborated with Capcom Street Fighter, the Japanese video game franchise last month. The crossover events that went live in-game on July 2 bring a host of items including gun skins, Mag-7 Chun-li, Mp5 Chun-li, Emote Hadouken, Street Fighter Sports Car, gloo wall skins, and more. Also Read – Garena Free Fire becomes second most downloaded game in first half of 2021

While the Singaporean developer collaborated with many franchises every now and then to bring stirring in-game events for the players, the latest partnership with Street Fighter V is said to be the ultimate video game crossover. As Chun-Li and Ryu will arch against one another, players can get hold of Chun-Li’s iconic outfit and experience a special event interface too. That said the gamers can avail free items from various events that have commenced in Garena’s BR game. Here’s how to earn free rewards from Free Fire x Street Fighter collab events. Also Read – Free Fire redeem codes for June 27: How to get Shimmy emote, Winterlands weapon loot crate for free

How to win free rewards from Free Fire x Street Fighter collab events

Pan-Street Fighter Also Read – Free Fire redeem codes for June 23: How to get Justice Fighter and Vandals Rebellion Weapons Loot crate, Diamond Voucher, etc for free

As per the screenshot shared by Sportskeeda, players will have to log in for seven days to get the ‘Pan-Street Fighter.’ The event began on July 4 and will continue till July 15. Players will have to log in for the mentioned time period to claim rewards.

Ryu Avatar

Players will be able to earn the Ryu Avatar as a login reward. It will be able on the peak day of the event, i.e., July 10.

Free Fighter

As cited by the publication, in the Free Fighter, gamers can get “Red Arcade Controller” and “White Arcade Controller” by completing daily missions. These will be available after the event ends. The Ryu T-shirt will be available in the level 4 Fighter Chest. Players can get an exclusive surfboard skin after combatting seven opponents.

Knockout Arcade

Players will have to collect gold coins which can be earned by completing daily missions. Once collected it can be used at the knockout arcade. Sportskeeda notes that depending on the punch strength, users will receive a Glove Token. Once a certain number of tokens obtained, players will be able to grab milestone rewards like SF parachute, SF banner, and Gold Royale voucher. Notably, Street Fighter V fans will be able to perform the iconic Hadouken move on the BR game, and it will be available as an emote.

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