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How to unlock additional characters in Rescue Party: Live!

Rescue Party: Live! is a fun multiplayer game where you and your friends must work together to save NPCs from dire situations — broken bones, heart attacks and buried under rubble, just to name a few. While the game starts you off with a firefighter character, there are eight other playable characters, so here’s how to unlock additional characters in Rescue Party: Live!

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Hidden in the main menu, as the third option, is the “New rescue team member unlocked” choice. Here is where you can spend the cash you earn from winning games to unlock new characters. Your choices are:

  • Cherry Wong: A rescue team junior, unlocked for free.
  • Tia Huang: A lifeguard turned rescue team member. Cost: 1500
  • Terry Zeng: A professional firefighter. Cost: 1500
  • Momo Yang: A communications engineer. Cost: 2000
  • Poppy Bark: A guide dog. Cost: 2000
  • Dorky Lee: A community volunteer. Cost: 3000
  • Anker Lee: The Rescue Center’s captain. Cost: 3000
  • Yoyo: An ER doctor. Cost: 3500
  • Garvin Yang: A journalist. Cost: 3500

It’s worth noting that the different character unlocks do not provide any in-game benefits, and are purely cosmetic. However, once unlocked, you can take your new character into any game mode, either Story or Online.

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