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How to switch between Evernight and Winternight in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact added a new massive area in Version 2.4, known as Enkanomiya. This underwater mystery works differently than the world up above, and that includes the day and night system. The sun and moon don’t rise and fall as it does on the surface and instead are dictated by a system known as Evernight and Winternight.

While exploring Teyvat, you probably have experienced the day and night system there. Time works regularly there. As a certain amount of in-game time passes, the day will brighten or the sky will darken as night comes. You can even adjust the time in your Paimon menu to quickly advance to different times of the day.

This isn’t how it works in Enkanomiya, however. Time is a different beast here. The Evernight and Winternight system allows you to change between different “time zones” in Enkanomiya, in a matter of speaking. This is necessary as the environment, enemies, and puzzles may change during different times of the day.

In order to change the time, you’ll need to first clear the first part of the world quest: The Subterranean Trials of Drake and Serpent. Once you do, you’ll unlock a new landmark in Enkanomiya, the Dainichi Mikoshi.

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The device pictured above allows you to change the time of day in an instant. By interacting with the device, you’ll swap from Evernight to Winternight, or vice versa depending on what state Enkanomiya is currently in.

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This isn’t the only place you can swap the time of day, however. Sigils with a colored cube inside them, like the one pictured below, will remotely control the Dainichi Mikoshi and change the time of day. They work the same as if you interact with the device and are necessary to activate puzzles.

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There are a certain amount of puzzles that change depending on the time of day. For instance, you may come across Daises of Day and Night. These only appear when you swap Enkanomiya to the “night” time.

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Shields can disperse depending on the time of day too.

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Places of Essence Worship also grant bestow powers to the user, depending on the time of day.

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Manipulation of the Evernight and Winternight system in Enkanomiya is essential to explore the new mysterious area well. Do some experimenting, and experience Enkanomiya to the fullest.

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