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How to save your gaming accounts from getting hacked online

So you have managed to earn a spot on the leaderboard and even got some perks for securing that position in that fast-paced game. But hackers have apt skills too, and what’s fun if your account doesn’t get hacked once in a while. Jokes aside, a perfect world doesn’t exist (not in the gaming space too). Also Read – Rainbow Six Extraction to release on Xbox Game Pass on Day 1, Ubisoft+ coming soon to Xbox

There have been numerous high-profile data breaches on gaming platforms, most recent being the FIFA Ultimate Team traders hijacked by hackers who siphoned their accounts of FIFA points and coins. It went up to the point that these miscreants camouflaged as owners of the account to bypass two-factor authentication. It’s not the first time that something of this sort happened online. Also Read – Fortnite is back online, major global outage causes seven hour downtime

A few years back, thousands of Fortnite players’ accounts were hacked and hackers took hundreds of dollars at a time. Although gaming platforms are pushing efforts to safeguard their users, hackers are improvising their skills too. We have no intention to blow a gasket, but table a few hygiene practices that you can follow to secure your gaming account/accounts from getting hacked online. Also Read – Best 5 free PC games to include in New Year bucket list

How to prevent gaming account from hackers

Create a strong password

We are past those days of keeping simple and easy-to-guess passwords. And of course, most of you have become smart enough to set a unique password for your account, but if that includes your favourite character’s name, it is as easy to figure out. Hence it is advised to create a Strong password that doesn’t spell a word, for instance, Kozhikode_174 (that’s not my password), but rather a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols- av87617Z.a!= (that’s not my password either).

Let a password manager do the task

If you have multiple gaming accounts and find it difficult to remember the Strong password of each and every account, better download a password manager that will do the job for you. You can use LastPass, Bitwarden, 1Password. It is recommended to use either of these apps on your phone if remembering the password for the password manager is tedious for you (fingerprint unlock in rescue).

Enable two-factor authentication

Yes, EA itself confirmed hackers to be able to exploit ‘human error’ to bypass two-factor authentication, but it is still advised to enable 2FA as while logging into something you get a text or an e-mail with a code. In simple terms, an alert that someone else is trying to access your account in say Steam, Epic Games, or EA for that matter. Different gaming apps have different instructions required to be followed on enabling 2FA. Just navigate for the security feature and follow the procedure to add that security blanket to your account.

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