How to Find Your Lost iPhone

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It sucks when you find yourself shedding your iPhone. Perhaps you forgot it on the cafe, or it was stolen from the prepare station. Luckily, it may be simple to trace your iPhone (so long as it’s juiced up, and energetic). And if you have already got a passcode enabled, the Discover My iPhone characteristic is enabled routinely. Right here’s easy methods to discover your misplaced or stolen iPhone.

Discover your misplaced iPhone utilizing Discover My

Image for article titled Check These Settings Before You Lose Your iPhone so You Can Find It Later

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When you notice that you just’ve misplaced your iPhone, the very first thing to do is to make use of the Discover My service (beforehand often known as Discover My iPhone).

Go to any pc and open icloud.com/discover. Right here, log in with the identical iCloud account that you just use in your iPhone. In case you’re utilizing the Household Sharing characteristic with your loved ones members, you need to use a member of the family’s iPhone to trace your gadget as properly. Simply open the Discover My app and search for your gadget.

After signing in to the iCloud website in the browser, select the “All Devices” option at the top and choose your iPhone. The map will show you the current location of your iPhone. If your iPhone is turned off, you’ll see the last known location of the device.

Now that you know the location of the iPhone, you can navigate to it. Once you’re nearby, you can use the “Play Sound” option to play a sound on your iPhone to find it.

Recover your iPhone using Lost mode

If your iPhone is turned off (or stolen), enabling Lost mode is your last resort. Lost mode locks your iPhone and stops notifications and messages from coming through. It also disables cards and IDs that are stored in the Wallet app. Lost mode still lets in incoming calls (including FaceTime calls), and will continue to track the iPhone’s location.

Click the “Lost Mode” button to get started (this only works if you’re using a passcode on your iPhone). Here, enter the phone number and the message that you want to display on the iPhone so that if someone comes across your iPhone, they can contact you and potentially return your iPhone.

If your iPhone is stolen, there’s not much you can do other than register a complaint with the local authorities. We would also recommend that you use the “Erase iPhone” feature to completely wipe the iPhone storage (this happens when the iPhone comes back online). This way, at least your personal information will be protected.

How to make sure you can find your lost iPhone

The Find My feature should be enabled by default, but still, it’s worth checking to make sure that it’s up and running. Better to find out now than be surprised when you end up losing your phone.

Set a passcode

The entire Find My feature fails if you don’t have a passcode. So first, go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode to set up a passcode, and enable Face ID or Touch ID. Even if someone ends up with your iPhone, they won’t be able to easily access your personal information.

Enable Find My feature

Next, make sure that the Find My feature is enabled. Go to “Settings” and tap your Profile from the top of the page. Here, go to Find My > Find My iPhone, and make sure that the “Find My iPhone” feature is enabled.

Enable Family Sharing

If you already have family members who use iPhones, it’s best to start using the Family Sharing feature. Not only does it allow you to share apps purchases and Apple services, but you can also track all the devices that are connected to the Family Sharing account using the Find My app.


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