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Guy brags about ripping off Wordle and charging for it, gets blasted off Twitter

Wordle is a phenomenon. Even in the event you do not play it, you have nearly actually seen it in the event you use Twitter: These little grids of inexperienced, yellow, and gray blocks, accompanied by a brief, unusual sequence of numbers. They appear to be this:

(Picture credit score: Josh Wardle)

You possibly can learn an in-depth breakdown of what it is all about right here, however the quick model is that it is easy, difficult, and enjoyable: an excellent little brain-teaser throughout, actually. It is also utterly non-monetized, which is refreshing. There are not any advertisements or non-obligatory in-game purchases, and in reality you possibly can solely play it as soon as a day. Developer Josh Wardle (actually) made it for his accomplice, a phrase recreation fan, after which opened it to the general public in October.

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