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Escape From Tarkov August 20 Update Patch Notes

Battlestate Games just deployed the new Escape from Tarkov August 20 Update and we have the patch notes for you to read through. As with most hotfix updates, do not expect new game content or features. These patches are just to address important issues and squash out the bugs.

All the list of new changes, updates and fixes are covered in the release notes for this Escape from Tarkov August 20 Update. Everything you need to know regarding this patch has been covered in the notes below.

Escape from Tarkov August 20 Update Patch Notes

Here are the official patch notes for Escape from Tarkov August 20 Update that is now rolling out to all the supported platforms of the game:


List of changes:

  • Added a Fence reputation changes tab in the post-raid statistics screen.
  • Nvidia Reflex optimizations to reduce latency (Reflex optimizations to enable additional latency savings in Unity titles)

List of fixes:

  • The Fence reputation penalty will now be calculated correctly if a player with 6+ reputation points kills a Scav Boss and their guards.
  • Several technical fixes and optimizations.

Dear friends! We present the full description of patch for Escape from Tarkov.

List of changes:

  • Added a Fence reputation increase when successfully exiting any location as a Player Scav
  • PMC-Scav cooperation extracts are now permanently available on all locations
  • Adjusted Tagilla’s melee sounds
  • Added Sorting Table on the Scav item turn-in screen
  • Added new quests for high-level players
  • Added the ability to change PMC voices in the Sound settings tab. You can change the voice at any time while out of raid
  • Various AI fixes
  • Added the ability to use the Flea Market to search and buy items from Traders for players below level 20
  • Dogtags will now be sorted by their levels
  • Added a 30% discount on all items bought from Fence on maximum loyalty level
  • Added the “Very Low” graphics preset

List of fixes:

  • Raindrops are now correctly displayed on all hand models
  • Fixed the loot spawn in the lockers on Interchange
  • Fixed a bug due to which in some cases the after raid healing menu was missing
  • Ammo box names now correctly display their contents
  • The actual crafting time in the Scav case now changes correctly based on reputation with Fence 
  • Fixed a bug that caused a blank screen when examining modules on the weapon preset screen
  • Fixed a bug that wouldn’t let open an offer if clicking on the offer ID in any window beside the Flea Market screen
  • Fixed a camera shake that appeared when trying to crawl up on an inclined surface
  • Players no longer fall into geometry when reaching the junction of two inclined surfaces
  • Raiders can no longer sprint with blacked-out legs
  • Fence reputation will no longer increase when you kill a Player Scav that killed another Player Scav who was killing Scavs
  • Players can no longer slide off ledges while prone
  • Fixed a bug when players couldn’t turn while prone on elevated surfaces
  • Added the missing wall in the underground area on the “Factory” location
  • Removed the ability to look through the wall near the door next to the cars on the “Factory” location
  • Removed the ability to look through the wall in the underground areas on the “Reserve” location
  • Backpack and chest rig straps are now correctly displayed on the PMC head selection screen
  • Fixed the flickering lights from lamps in the underground tunnels in the extended areas of the “Factory” location
  • Fixed the flickering lights from lamps from specific distances on the “Customs” location
  • Player head model “Hudson” is now correctly displayed with balaclavas and masks
  • Fixed several issues with lighting on the “The Lab” location
  • Fixed the Scav spawn in the open area next to repair and maintenance building on the “Reserve” location
  • Fixed the air filter working time in the Hideout
  • Fixed the probability of Scavs spawning next to players on all locations
  • Fixed the possibility of stashing a quest item on the location while the item was moved into the quest items stash
  • Fixed the probability of Scavs spawning inside the geometry
  • Insurance icon (the orange rectangle) will no longer disappear after a reconnect
  • Sounds are now correctly overlapped in some of the rooms on the “Shoreline” location
  • Fixed the double animation while equipping Mk47 Mutant
  • The gas station fire on the “Shoreline” location now deals damage again
  • Fixed the incorrect display of the Daypack backpack straps
  • Fixed the possibility of players spawning outside the map on the “The Lab” location
  • Cultists can now melee players while moving
  • Adjusted the ability of equipping the SIG ROMEO8T sight on some rails
  • Fixed the freezes while moving through tabs and filters on Trader screens
  • Fixed the logic of the notification about exceeding the number of items before loading into the raid
  • Fixed the issue with typing cyrillic symbols in the “player name” screen
  • Quick melee hits can no longer be performed with no stamina
  • Fixed the displacement of the aiming reticle in the collimator on the PL-15 pistol after firing all rounds
  • Dead bodies will no longer fall through the ground on the “Interchange” location
  • The progression value of the “Endurance” skill in the raid will no longer change after players reconnect to the raid

If you’d like to read more game updates and news, check out our Patch Notes section.

Source: Battlestate Games

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