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Christmas Tree Locations in Escape From Tarkov

Recently, Battlestate Games wiped the servers to make way for the Christmas-themed event in Escape From Tarkov. Unlike previous holiday events, this update includes a lot more content for the players to discover and enjoy. There are tons of quests added as well. One of them will have players go across the map to visit various Christmas Trees. That is why this guide will take a look at the Christmas Tree locations in Escape From Tarkov.

The trees are not on every map of the game but on specific ones. If you are having issues finding the trees and do not know which map to visit, worry not because this guide will show you the Christmas Tree locations in Escape From Tarkov.

Escape From Tarkov: All Christmas Tree Locations

There are a total of 6 trees spread across the world of Tarkov. This guide will show you how to visit every one of them conveniently without any hassle. The maps that we will be looking at are Customs, Interchange, Reserve, Woods, Shoreline, and the newest map, Lighthouse. With that said, let’s get started.


Christmas Tree Locations in Escape From Tarkov

Regardless of where you spawn on the map, head over to the 3-story dorm building that is located North of the Bus Stop and the Bus Terminal. Upon reaching the dorms, you will find a 2-story building on your right and a 3-story one on your left. You just have to be close to it in order for the quest to progress.


Christmas Tree Locations in Escape From Tarkov

To get to this Christmas Tree in Escape From Tarkov, go to the Northside of the map and go to the Admin building. As soon as you enter the area, you will see the tree right in the middle. Get close to it and your quest will update. There are also some spawn points near this area so that will help you get to it faster.


Christmas Tree Locations in Escape From Tarkov

The tree can be found on the floating platform situated right below the Logging Camp. Be careful when going through the Logging Camp as enemies are often camping there and might ambush you when you pass from there. Other than that, it should be a straightforward path to get to the tree.


Interchange tree

This Christmas Tree location in Escape From Tarkov might be a little tricky to get to since it is located right in the middle of a SCAV camp. The camp is on the opposite side of the mall on the highway. Be extremely careful as tons of enemies have their eyes on this area and you might instantly get shot if you don’t take cover.


Reserve tree

Head to the Southwest section of the map and go into the open fields. If you do not know where that is located, search for the White Knight building because the fields are located West of it. You’ll find the tree in the fields next to a couple of vehicles. Once again, be careful as you do not have a lot of cover in this area. Running around mindlessly is not suggested at all.


Lighthouse tree

The final Christmas Tree can be found on the newest map, the Lighthouse. To find it, head to the Docks and keep going South until you reach the Hideout building. Another way to reach this is to go to the West Shore and keep heading South. You will eventually come across this tree. However, keep in mind that if you get too close to the lighthouse, it will fire at you.

Those are all the Christmas trees locations in Escape From Tarkov to complete the quest. Let us know if you are having trouble finding a specific tree and we will help you out!

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