Battlegrounds Mobile India APK file size, gameplay: Similarities with PUBG

When is Battlegrounds Mobile India launching in India? We don’t know for sure and we aren’t interested in answering that here. Instead, we are taking a look at everything that is copied from our old mate – PUBG Mobile. The new version has teased a lot of features that long time PUBG Mobile players won’t find surprising with Battlegrounds Mobile India once it launches possibly in June. Also Read – Launch date for Battlegrounds Mobile India aka PUBG Mobile: When will the game release?

From gameplay to maps to even the APK file size, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BMI) seems to be a name change job at first glance. The teasers have so far hinted at a familiar experience that players used to enjoy from the pre-ban era of PUBG Mobile. Even though Krafton is keeping things a secret so far, it seems that we are simply waiting for a renamed PUBG Mobile to come in a few weeks. Also Read – Battlegrounds Mobile India to launch in June-third week? A new report suggests

If you are curious about the similarities of Battlegrounds Mobile India with PUBG Mobile, have a look at three most important ones. Also Read – Battlegrounds Mobile India is nothing but PUBG Mobile relaunch claims MLA, seeks ban on new BR title

Battlegrounds Mobile India vs PUBG Mobile


It would be a child’s play for anyone with an alive conscience to figure out the similarities in the gameplay from the official teasers. The teasers have shown the same metallic welding helmet that defined PUBG Mobile and gave the game its identity. Krafton is using a similar costume in Battlegrounds Mobile India teasers across social media.

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The teasers have also shown the character jumping with a parachute, airdrops in-between a match, and an ability to loot weapons. These were the core foundations of PUBG Mobile that we would possibly see in BMI. Popular vehicles such as the 4WD open-top SUV seem to be carried over from PUBG Mobile.

Even the system requirements are similar to that of PUBG Mobile India. Gamers need to have a smartphone with at least Android 5.1.1 or above on. Along with this, the device should have at least 2GB of RAM to run the game.


PUBG Mobile’s Erangel has already been confirmed for the game over a “chai-wala” teaser but with a twist. The map is likely to be called Erangle instead of Erangel. Is this Krafton’s minor attempt to differentiate its offering from Tencent’s PUBG Mobile?

Battlegrounds Mobile India

Apart from Erangle, some of the other maps also confirmed in the teasers include Sanhok and Miramar. There’s no trace of Vikendi (the snow map) in Battlegrounds Mobile India yet.

APK file size

This is just raw speculation at the moment but the game’s APK file size is said to be similar to that of PUBG Mobile’s. This is no surprise if the game is just a rip-off of the original one. A report from IGN India speculates that one can expect the Battlegrounds Mobile India APK size to weigh 600MB on the Google Play Store. Of course, the game will expand its size once downloaded to accommodate the skins and maps.

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