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Genshin Impact — Thunder Sojourn Automaton Front guide

Today marks the beginning of the final phase of Genshin Impact‘s Thunder Sojourn event. A new challenge is available and you’ll be fighting none other than the Perpetual Mechanical Array. Likewise, you’ll be able to obtain the currency needed to grab the remaining rewards. Here’s our Genshin Impact Thunder Sojourn …

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Apex Legends devs detail Seer’s abilities in full

July 29, 2021 Apex Legends’ Seer abilities have been fully detailed. The Apex Legends Season 10 release date is nearly here, and the devs have fully detailed what to expect from Seer’s abilities in the new season. Seer’s kit is all about tracking enemies in real time, and his loadout is looking …

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Budget gaming PC build guide: create a cheap gaming PC

This budget gaming PC build would sure be a lot easier if the main components were actually available. Like most of our gaming PC build guides, this has become more of a wishlist than something you could reasonably go out and build yourself right now. Mostly that’s because of the …

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