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After years of crappy Hollywood adaptations, videogames finally found their home on Netflix

Castlevania began as a pastiche of Common monster motion pictures, sending an orange man with a whip to combat a mummy, Frankenstein’s monster, and large dangerous Dracula. Castlevania, the present, spent its fourth season exploring the relationships of a quartet of immortal vampire queens, reflecting on how we course of grief, and wanting completely unimaginable in movement. I do not suppose it is an consequence that anybody anticipated, however seven years after the final (maligned) Castlevania recreation, the Netflix sequence has turn into the brand new benchmark for videogame variations.

I can think about an alternate universe the place we by no means acquired Netflix’s Castlevania as a result of Konami was nonetheless scarred by a disastrous ’90s Hollywood adaptation. Dolph Lundgren was a yolked Simon Belmont, John Travolta was essentially the most overacted Dracula in display screen historical past, and the movie bombed so arduous that its solely enduring cultural legacy was a viral response gif of Dolph punching a laughably faux Medusa head till its eyes bugged out.

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