Mens Pants On Sale: Load Up on Pleated Chinos, Patchwork Cords, and Perfectly Crinkly Cargos for the Low

1661972101 pants art

Against all odds, there are finally signs of fall’s return (and no, those signs don’t include Heat Domes—or any other kind of existentially terrifying domes, for that matter). Autumn’s imminent arrival entails many things, but for the purposes of these pages it mostly entails pants. And at the risk of getting ahead of the weather here, we can’t stop looking at them. All sorts of pants—heavy ones, light ones, corduroy ones, linen ones, and on and on. Because we can’t help ourselves, we figured you’d appreciate the opportunity to ogle a few of ’em too. Here are some of our favorites, all, as it happens, gloriously on sale. 

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