Shihab Chittur Hajj Route Map, Live Location Updates Today, Biography and More Details

Shihab chittur

Shihab of Malappuram, Kerala to cross 6 countries to reach Makkah; The goal is Hajj in 2023. Shihab, a native of Kanjipura Chotoor, is planning to walk from Malappuram to Mecca. Shihab’s plan is to reach the destination after crossing six countries in eight months. Shihab is planning to reach Mecca on foot from Malappuram for Hajj. Shihab of Kanjipura Chotoor is preparing for a different journey.

Shihab chittur

Shihab Chittur

Although many people from the Malappuram district go on different types of journeys, this is the first time that a young man is going to Mecca on foot. After starting his journey on June 2, Shihab aims to reach Mecca, Saudi Arabia in eight months and perform Hajj in 2023. Shihab’s childhood dream is to walk from Kerala to Makkah to perform Hajj. The journey starts on June 2 to realize that big dream. Mecca is the holiest place in the world for Islamic believers. The biggest dream of the believer is to come here and perform Hajj.

Shihab said that it is his greatest wish to reach Makkah on foot and he is preparing for the journey after a long search. To reach Saudi Arabia, you have to cross the borders of six countries. Shihab said that he got help from ET Muhammad Basheer MP, Kurukoli Moiteen MLA and KMCC. After going to and from offices in various places including Delhi for nine months, I got the visa along with the papers. Shihab added that at first no one in the country believed but now everyone is very happy. See Shihab Chittur Hajj Route Map, Live Location Updates Today, Biography and More Details below.

Shihab Chittur Hajj Route Map, Live Location Updates

Shihab Chittur Hajj Route Map

Shihab Chittur’s way to Mecca Hajj is on the 52nd day (25th July 2022) for now. Shihab is currently walking through Baroda Gujarat. According to latest updates, Shihab will reach the destination within 280 days-long journeys. We will be updating the live route map and location of Shihab Chittur Hajj Journey daily here.

Where is Shihab Chittur Now? 

According to the latest reports Shihab Chittur has reached Gujarat and he will now enter Pakistan through the Wagah border.

Shihab Chittur Biography

Shihab Chittur is getting a huge amount of support for his walk journey to Mecca. Let’s check out the full Biography of Shihab Chittur below.

Full Name Shihab Chittur
Age 29 Years Old In 2022
Birth Place Kerala
Nationality Indian
Height and Weight 5 feet 8 inches (Height)
70 kg (Weight)
Birth Year 1993

Stay tuned for more updates on the Shihab Chittur Travel map, live location, and videos in the coming days.


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